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Log Update

09/01/2013 - Round 0! Almost Fight! So, what can Emerald Skize do when it comes to fighting off an group of mostly off-page ninjas? We'll be finding out relatively soon! I also have another trance mix up at mixcloud: Mix 29 - Amp'd Up! with another two in the works, an electro house/trance mix and a deep trance mix which was the basis for a live set I did on Friday.

VAGUE YET STILL POSSIBLE SPOILERS:I read about a lot of people being shocked at the ending of Last of Us, which, frankly, I don't understand why. The events of the last part of the game lead blatantly up to a rather unsatisfying and rather annoying ending. From the moment Joel and Ellie reached the location they'd long been searching for, the writers went out of their way to make stupid decisions for the Fireflies when someone who either had enough compassion to give Ellie the choice on what to do with her condition rather than put Joel in a hostile situation where he felt he had to fight his way through yet another army in order to get her back. One man... against hundreds of people who somehow comes out on top every time. Yeah, let's not make sure he won't be a problem by either having him completely indisposed (knocked out or dead) or treat him with atleast a sliver of respect rather than trying to dump him outside of a compound in hostile territory with threats of death on the way and without his supplies...

The worst part for me, I'd have to compare to one critic's review of Ninja Gaiden 3. You see, in Ninja Gaiden, you play a sociopath, a remorseless killer who will destroy anything in his way. They even go as far as to have someone beg for his life, pleading, as Hayabusa slowly walks up to him and the game then forces the player to kill him. I guess the reviewer was fine playing a sociopath as long as he was doing the right thing in the reviewer's mind. This, to me, is completely in character for Hayabusa. The final thing the player has to do in Last of Us is end the life of a non-combatant who is standing in front of Joel with a scalpel. I walked up to him and he didn't attack, so I just stood there and walked into him with no reaction, and nor would the game allow me to walk right by him. I had to choose to kill this man in order to proceed with the game. Every other time I killed someone in the game, it was someone who was attempting to kill Joel (and made a real attempt at it, not just standing there doing nothing). While I enjoyed the plot up the last section, the final area disappointed.

On a more positive note, I picked up Saints Row IV and found that to be more enjoyable than any open world super-powered hero game so far. I'd never played any of the previous titles in the series but found the use of ridiculous weapons drew me in. The dubstep gun was a favorite for some time once I'd completely powered it up and gave it explosive wubs! This title made me feel more like an awesome hero than Infamous either achieved for me, with the powers being, for the most part, appropriately overpowered and exaggerated and a hell of a lot of fun. To top it off, the fact that it doesn't take itself seriously in any way whatsoever has added to the ludicrous-ness that I oh so enjoy. But later this week, Rayman Legends finally comes out. The first one was one of my favorite games of all time and I bought a Wii U, which I basically have not used, in order to play the sequel. Due to the whole debacle, I'm buying it on the XBOX since I didn't like switching back on forth between Murphy so a minimum of two players in needed at all times in order to play it the way I'd want to (one controlling Murphy at all times with the pen stylus). Now, if Ubisoft released the game originally on the Wii U when they said they would and then released a deluxe edition on the other systems, I would have bought two copies of the game but because of their decision, I'm sure there's a lot of people who have no interest in picking up the Wii U title and thus the failure of the sequel on Wii U becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as opposed to a way to make quite a bit more from the game and avoid all of that fan rage from earlier this year.

Anyway, until next time after I get in more mix time, comic creation time, and Rayman Legends time and then type some more miscellaneous crap!

Ryan Bunter

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