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Log Update

06/23/2013 - Well, I was certainly right about finishing a few more mixes since the last time! You'll find Mix 23 - Tonight, It's Goin' Down!! (trance/progressive/electro), Mix 24 - Dancing Under the Influence! (mainly trance with some other genres, including psy'd-step), Mix 26 - Dancing Seas and Larking Skies (mainly deeper trance), and Mix 27 - Still Waitin'!! (dubstep/electro/progressive/trance/psy'd-step) all on my ArtiBi mixcloud page! I've started doing longer sets, which certainly take a bit more time to put them together. There's been a change in the way I mix, getting cleaner and far more honed as to what I want to experience from these. While working on this latest page, I've gone back through my older mixes and I'm quite pleased with the growth over the last twenty! And it's wonderful to see there hasn't come a point where I wouldn't want to listen to the older mixes because of transitioning differences but I can definitely see how I would approach merging one song into the next differently between some songs. I even have a plan of action when it comes to experimenting with creating music and if it goes well enough, then I'll be adding even more of myself to my mixes!

In other news, I finally got around to completing Dishonored recently. I do appreciate it when a story gives me the option to choose if I'll play as someone with a sense of morality, a ruthlessly sociopathic killer, or somewhere in between. Sneaking around and knocking people out or altogether avoiding them seemed like it was a lot harder than simply eliminating everything in my path path mercilessly, though in at least one case, it seemed like the choice to leave two villains alive was ultimately a far more horrible fate for them than simply dispatching them, turning them into slave workers of their own mines, only after they're disfigured in a pretty gruesome fashion so that no one will ever know who they are, of course. Once I'd made my way through the story, I'd have to say that in this particular type of game, Dues Ex Machina is still my favorite (you're so close to this genre and you're awesome, Metal Gear, but I still need to kill at least some people to complete the story).

In practically the opposite spectrum, I've been playing some of the Resident Evils recently, too (6, Revelations and Operation Raccoon City, to be specific). Even though 6 scored pretty poorly, I'm still finding it to be an immensely entertaining game, especially after getting most of the unlimited weapons. There's a certain amount of joy to being able to blow zombies away with two of the deadliest weapons, magnums and grenade launchers, that had sparse ammo throughout the standard campaign; so enjoyable, in fact, that the hilarity spreads to my Resident Evil partner as I accidentally include her in the blast radius of the zombie that was getting a wee bit close to her... over... and over... and over again. While I've played the majority of 6 in co-op, the extra playthroughs have been much more enjoyable than the first, though Leon's campaign has been exceptional every single time. I missed the control scheme used in 6 when I played Revelations, which was compared to the original Resident Evil. It seemed so archaic and my character helpless when confronted by a looming monster. I wanted to be able to practically street brawl zombies and finish them off with moves that could have been straight out of Dead or Alive but instead, I get a meek dodge and have to rely solely on hoping that my weapon can drop whatever is right in front of me before it grabs on starts sucking/biting or however it wants to have its way with me. I felt overpowered in 6 and I'd have to believe that that was part of the point with Revelations, that the characters didn't feel like they were straight out of a superhero movie... well, unless you mean Kick Ass, then possibly. On the other hand, there's always Operation Raccoon City, where the characters can't even climb up or drop down a two feet unless there's a ramp. That's a game designed for the purpose of promoting wheelchair safety and use, if there ever was one (if only those underground labs where they do completely unethical experimentation had ramps instead of stairs...)!

Anyway, until next time when I shoot for working on a mix then a comic page then another mix and another comic page, etc. and type more miscellaneous crap!

Ryan Bunter

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