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Log Update

02/02/2013 - It's been a while but I've had a bit of a leg injury that I've been, thankfully, recovering from which kind of makes it a pain in the... well, leg, specifically, to get some of my personal work done! I'm hoping I'll be back to knocking out pages at a more frequent rate in the not too distant future! In the meantime, I have been able to continue with mixing and you can find some them up at My Mixcloud Page! I've got a variety of styles up there, from trance to deep trance and some electro/progressive house, with my 22nd mix - How Do I Know That This Mix is Real! being a pure vocal trance mix and the 21st mix - Stuck Dreamin' being a melodic deep trance mix, as from the vocal intro and outro! I think I'm moving more in a trance-y electro house direction currently and though I'm not sure which genre I'd have the most fun experimenting in from a musical standpoint!

I was playing Stranglehold recently, an older game from 2007, and it's really quite awesome how far games have come from this point since. It's kind of a Max Payne slow motion stylish shoot-em-up where the controls are a wreck and the enemies from the various gangs and mafias seem to be practically endless to the point where the amount of money coming into these operations would have to be astronomical to justify how so many men are willing to throw their lives away to a single cop. I found the dive mechanic to be particularly annoying, especially when have to use it to avoid laser wires that cause an explosion at right at the point of impact when touched. It would be an evil electrician's dream job, installing probably over 1000 of these in a single loft! At least with Resident Evil 6, which was far more poorly received, I can crawl after I've dived to the ground so I'm not forced to stand up and have my head trigger an explosion. I must admit, I've really enjoyed Resident Evil 6, even more so after I was able to get some of the unlimited weapons, specifically the unlimited Magnum comes to mind, one of my all time favorite Resdient Evil weapons, if I don't have the option of using a rocket launcher as a sniper rifle like I did in the 5th game!

Probably the game that's impressed me the most was DMC: Devil May Cry. I found the aesthetics in the game to be more interesting to me than anything I've seen in a very long time, reminding me of a nightmarish version of Inception. Every so I often, I find myself going through a game more for the purpose of finishing the game than for the sheer enjoyment of it, but in the case of DMC, it was consistently enjoyable and satisfying and I really do hope that the inevitable sequel builds upon everything that made this one a sheer joy, but I have to admit, given the way it ended, I have to wonder if the nightmarish limbo sections will be significantly different in the sequel, since those were my favorite parts.

Anyway, until next time where I expect to finish another few mixes by the time I put up another page and type more miscellaneous crap!

Ryan Bunter

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