Emmy! Mille!
Ima to Eien ni - Now and Forever: page 1 by Ryan Bunter © 2010
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Log Update

9/10/2010 - After I altered my gallery site, Oblivion Ink, I found the style I did the site in would be something that I would be able to do the story in without having to spend a tremendous amount of time for each page. I will also be updating the ACO3 Whose Line Comics!

Please show your support by coming to see the group at the various conventions that we attend and by purchasing ACO3 presents Whose Line Is It? Anime! and the various Neko Planet Clothing t-shirts and the hoodie that I've designed over at Neko Planet Clothing! The performers and hosts will be more than happy sign any shirt or hat purchased if you wear it to one of the shows!

This is the bottom-left piece! This is the bottom-right piece!