Emmy! Mille!
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Potrait of Emerald Skize

Emerald Skize

Agent of the EXunlimited

Emmy is a force to be reckoned with as a physical force-style Distortion Arts user. She's incrediby determined and has a sense of justice guiding her actions. After events surrounding the EXunlimited left their mark on her, she became an operative of the ATA (Ancient Technologies Association), as it was the closest department to the EXunlimited and she's always found herself fascinated with past technology, only to return as issues arose both inside and outside the floating city of Oblivion.

Potrait of Talan Rites

Talan Rites

Head of the EXunlimited

Talan has run into a large amount of issues on the politcal side of Oblivion. He now leads what has become a derelict department that's a specialized extension of the ATA. Due to problems that come about when using the Distortion Arts, Talan would no longer qualify as an agent of the ExUnlimited but his experience in the field allows him the ability to lead other agents.

Potrait of Millennium


Agent of the EXunlimited

Little is known about Millennium. There are no recorded dealings with her and the ATA or the EXunlimited before the council's insistance on her inclusion of Emerald's first new mission. Due to Talan's past with the council, he fears she has an agenda counter to the EXunlimited's goals but hopes for the best as he thrusts Emerald into a hazardous situation.

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